Elijah Penn

Welcome to the personal web site posted with the wordsmith accomplishments of Elijah Penn built by Bert McNamee my long time technical associate. In the spring of the Year of Our Lord 2016, I embarked on the quest to establish an Internet presence. First step, attend a WordPress conference and discover the magic of the ubiquitous tool. I felt somewhat intimidated to be in the WordPress World. It has a formidable range of mountains to conquer to reach the pinnacle of knowledge needed for successful design. At the NEPA Meetup I attended, a seasoned mountain Sherpa introduced this popular web coding system with an enlightening presentation on his experience. Unfortunately, he spoke more about his career and experience than about WordPress nuts and bolts.

Although I did create and post a WordPress web site myself and attempt to BLOG like every other blogging bloke on the Internet, I found that approach was not my cup of tea. My trusted associate came to my rescue and offered to host my web site, this site.

I welcome any comments about this site or critique of the document content you view. Feel free to offer positive as well as negative criticism.

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. —Aristotle

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